Monday, May 23, 2011

The simple things....Random post

 Although I have a clothing store my favorite style to dress is quite simple. I'm a causal dresser who adds flare with accessories and my attitude. I'm going out of town this weekend and  here is one of my shirts I'm wearing. Sorry I didn't set up a nice photo shoot for these tees or at least iron them lol. Someone can look at that and say "ok a tee." I see a cute but edgy shirt that will cover my growing belly (not pregnant just eating too much lol) but give off sex appeal when you see my exposed shoulder. Pump up the hair, nice make up and a pair of flashy earrings and I'm good. I'll take pictures of the completed look this weekend. Here is another one below.

 My favorite everyday wearing new watch. Because of the lighting it looks yellow but it's actually more green which at this point everyone knows is my favorite color. (Citrus custard) I used that color on the website. I'm thinking about selling these watches on the website. The come in several colors and are extremely affordable.

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